Making the Move (from her perspective)

All the emotions are starting to catch up with me here in our third week of living in Zambia. This is not to say that these emotions are either all sad or all happy, more like a healthy mix of both. Once it really sank in that this is not another short-term mission trip that I am so used to taking, I really started letting myself miss the things that are back home. But just as soon as I start to really think and let my mind race about a thousand different things, my day starts and I get to open my front door to greet the four sweetest girls that I have ever met. Flo, Flavia, Helen, and Risa bring a light to my day that keeps my mind clear and my heart full. This is the perfect time to give you all a little timeline for what the school day looks like for us Kindergarten folk.

Flo, Helen, Risa, Flavia
            9:00: The girls show us in their adorable matching uniforms
            9:10-10:00: We start reviewing and learning new things such as the days of the                                                          week, shapes, writing numbers and letters, etc.

            10:00-10:30: Arts and crafts/ one on one time with the teacher

            10:30-11:20: Teatime and recess

            11:20-12:30: Review the new material that we had learned earlier that morning and                                                 then art (usually painting)

Don’t let the schedule fool you into thinking that I have it all together. The first day of school was rough. First of all, I did not get a degree in education, but I am relying heavily on the fact that I love to teach in general. Although I started going to school initially for Early Childhood Ed, I graduated with a degree in Family Studies, which focuses on Family Life Education. This little mix of teaching kids and teaching families has given me the confidence to teach these little sweethearts Kindergarten. Secondly, I was straight up nervous for the girls and their guardians to show up. I know it might sound silly since its only four girls, but the weight of leaving our lives in the US to come here and teach and that people were counting on me to guide and teach these children for the next 9 months was eating me alive. Once all the pictures were taken and the adults left, it was just the girls and I sitting on the floor of my classroom and there was no turning back. It did not take long for all of us to loosen up and start having fun. It has been one week and the girls (including myself) are excited to start our second week of school.

So if school and the girls did not completely cure the feelings of missing home, the second half of my day usually turns it right back around. After the girls leave and David Paul and I have had our lunch, I hop in the car and head to The Haven. This place is unlike any place that I have ever been to before. It has the ability to take my mind off of things that are weighing on my heart. It has the ability to take my focus off of myself and give it to those around me. It has the ability to make you feel loved and gives you the chance to love. Most days I go to The Haven and spend my time loving on the babies, playing with the older kids outside, and getting to know the Aunties. Each individual soul at The Haven is so special and unique that I now understand why Meagan (David Paul’s cousin) would have a hard time leaving this place for good. It’s been incredible so far to watch and see what Meagan has done for this place and what she will continue to do.

David Paul and I at The Haven

Being away from home is something that I have never had to do. If there was anything that I ever needed, I have always been in driving distance of family and friends. This move has really pushed me mentally, physically, and spiritually. I cant lie, there has been a time or two throughout this process that I thought we might be making a mistake, but there have been more times than I can count when I knew we are here because we listened to the call the Lord gave us. I have amazing examples in Meagan and Jana for how to lean completely on the Lord when times are trying, and my loving and encouraging husband on how to let things go and give it all to God. My heart has never been so full and those around me and at home keep encouraging me to pursue God and the life that He has called me to live here in Zambia.


  1. Sounds like you are doing a great job teaching, Blake! Seeing this post today prompted me to pray for you and DP. Love you!


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