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Cheddar Bay Biscuits (from his perspective)

We've now been in Zambia for well over one month. I'd envisioned writing a bit more frequently than I have thus far, but even in Africa, life has a way of pushing its own agenda on you. As a result, I'm imagining myself sitting in a restaurant (let's say Red Lobster) with someone who says they want to know "everything" that has happened up to this point on our trip. For my own writing purposes, I've decided that this will be the inspiration I'm going to use to begin this information "spill".

But luckily for us, our waiter has just arrived with a fresh batch of cheddar bay biscuits.

I ask for a strawberry lemonade and our waiter disappears to fill our drinks and give us time to look over the menu.

The weather is beginning to heat up here. Living in the midwest, I always felt like I could make the extremes of the seasons a bit easier to endure if I mentally prepared my body for really hot or really cold weather (I'm not sure if this is a …

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